Saturday, November 21, 2015

Creeping in the Snow

Yesterday we received our first measurable snowfall. It is pretty late for snow, usually we have our first snowfall in October, or at least that has been our experience since moving to Wyoming.

With the first snowfall we are all reminded to slow waaaay down, so when you inevitably slide out of control it is so slow that you can make eye contact with the other drivers and sip your tea as you bump into a curb and hopefully not a car. Just kidding...kind of. Last year I slid out on a hill and had time to put on my flashers and shrug at other cars as I made a full rotation in super slow motion. 

Anyway, driving is the most obnoxious challenge that winter brings. We also deal with pretty intense wind gusts before we get a big snow storm. Once the storm passes we are often left with a beautiful calm.

Last night I came out of a hot bath and Elise called me to the window to look at the lavender sky. It was so beautiful.

After we put the girls to sleep I bundled up, wet hair and all, and went tromping out in the snow. It was just too beautiful to ignore.

The snow was powdery and sparkled in the light, reflecting the lights from the city. Forgive me, here in Wyoming we play fast and loose with the word "city."

I paused to write "Hi" on a windshield of a snow covered car parked along the curb. I continued on down the street listening to the crunch of the fresh snow under my boots. I stopped to take pictures of the snow on the trees and someone from their home shouted,"Hey technology!" I am assuming they were referring to the light of my phone. I was kind of annoyed and instead of taking the hint to put my phone away I was irritated that someone was shouting at me. So I turned around and stared at their house just long enough to be creepy. Then I continued on my way; laughing at my own immaturity. I also now realize that someone will probably be creeped out that I wrote in the snow on their car. Oh well. Sometimes you just have to be creepy.

Anyway it was a beautiful night and I enjoyed a solo walk and the frozen chunks of hair were also kind of fun. Happy creeping!


Anonymous said...

We don't have snow yet, I also love the first snowfall, with its wisps of whiteness. Soon, though, it will come.
I too love to be creepy... I hope you had daggers in your eyes when staring, that is so fun to watch (the daggers going forth from your eyes)LOL

elizabeth said...

i can just imagine the look, the feel, the smell . . .
we only have had a light dusting of snow. we are waiting for the real thing!
your pictures are wonderful.
and, wow! it's been a long time since my hair was long enough to stay wet and freeze! almost makes me want to grow my hair out again . . .
xoxo, e

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