Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kindness Bandit: One Month


I thought I had retired the Kindness Bandit. Originally my goal was to inspire others to be kind in their daily lives, to show them how simple acts of kindness were no trouble. Then I started to feel weird about it, like it could be misconstrued as bragging. I absolutely did not want to make it seem as though I was trying to do anything other than inspire. So I retired the Kindness Bandit. For years now I can say that I get a request for the Kindness Bandit at least once a week. Finally I have decided to resurrect the Kindness Bandit with the deep hope that you are as inspired as I am by the project. Please join me in a month long kindness project. I will report back once a week on my efforts and the efforts of others that I see.

Share in the comments or send me emails about what you are up to in your random acts of kindness.

Today I kicked off my month of Kindness Bandit while shoveling the snow from my driveway and sidewalk. I looked up and down the street and thought that it would be easy enough for me to shovel a little bit father. Before I knew it I had shoveled the houses to the left and right of me and one across the street for an elderly neighbor. The job took about half an hour and gave me a nice little arm work out too.  

Neighbor's walk

Work in progress

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Roxanne Veinotte said...

I love the Kindness Bandit, and I never thought of it as bragging.
I accidentally shoveled the parking spot beside mine a couple of years ago. Not a kindness by any means, but at least I didn't shovel the snow of my spot back unto it. that would have been unkind.
I have brought an old woman's wallet back to her last winter as she lived by my place, and she said she was robbed at the mall and was so thankful I had brought her ID, especially her health card. It would have taken 6 weeks for a new one. The money was gone.
It is inspiring to hear your stories Maria Rose. Glad the bandit is making a comeback!

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