Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letter to the Ones who will Love My Daughters

Dear _______,

I don't know who you are or where you are in this world right now. Someday in the future you will meet and fall in love with one of my daughters. I want you to know that even now, in your childhood, I am thinking about you. 

I hope you are having a happy childhood. I hope that you have fun and know the value of being silly. I want you to have kind and loving parents who encourage you and are building your confidence. I hope that you are being treated with kindness and compassion. I desperately hope that your parents are in love with each other just as I am in love with my husband. I want you to see and feel the true gift of a lasting marriage. If that doesn't happen for you, I am so sorry and I do pray that you have some relationship that will be a guide for you. 

I hope you are happy and filled with wonder about this amazing world we live in. I want you to feel like you have the power to make this world better.

I pray that you realize just how amazing my daughter is (this works for both of my girls). When my daughter falls in love with you, you are being given a gift. I know that if she is in love with you then you must be amazing. I cannot wait to know you and welcome you into our family.  As their mother I have been entrusted with the most sacred of gifts. My husband and I get to guide them, to know them, to watch them grow. You too are being given a gift,  the heart of one of my daughters. Please be careful with it; know what a treasure you have been given. Reciprocate the gift, give yourself.



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Anonymous said...

What a very thoughtful letter, and hope the partners your daughters fall in love with are just as you said.

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