Friday, November 13, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 11.13.15

Well another week has come and gone. Last week as I wrote the Phone Photo Friday post I thought,"Oh next week the Dia de Los Muertos event will be all done with...but we have sooo far to go." Now here we are and we made it through a huge celebration and have even begun planning for next year already.

Let's look over the week that was...

The girls dressed up, you can see their pile of clothes in the hallway behind them. Cordelia was cranky about something and Elise didn't care, ha.

Coffee. Incidentally this is about how I look right now.

Cordelia wrote this awesome jumble of sentences.

Babe on a lift alert. Eric drove the lift in order to hang papel picado for the celebration.

Here is the community altar. The individual skulls lay all around and yellow slips of paper also have names of loved ones. After everyone left I read all of the names and messages and saw all of the mementos that had been left. I am not sure what I am going to do with the leftovers, but it feels wrong to discard. Ideas?---Honestly it was quite lovely to feel so connected to others.

I was wiped out when all was said and done.

The girls always take a moment to watch the sunrise. Elise will breathlessly ask,"Isn't it sooo beautiful?" I love this little ritual.

Atomic Betty Sprinkles and Lucy commandeer the space heater.

Bumblebee prefers the old school warm up method of sun bathing.

I finally had a moment to attack the leaves in the yard. I was only able to work for about an hour before it started to snow. The girls, who had been so jazzed to be outside, ended up begging to go inside for cocoa.

Elise warming up.

Cordelia warming up. Are you noticing all of the warming up in these pics? It has been cooler here in Wyoming, but honestly it has been warm compared to this time last year.

I found Lucy tucked in under a quilt. She likes to tuck herself in.

Eric working on a painting.

A painting I am currently working on. I have gotten a ton of feedback on people excited for the piece as is...but I have bigger plans than just a moon. So everyone will be horribly disappointed---then I will know I have made something good. Ha!

Lucy up in Betty's biz-nass.

Hope you are well! Have a lovely week!

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Mom said...

Great photos! Oh my, though, that one of Elise doing her funny eye thing is heartbreakingly adorable!

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