Friday, November 20, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 11.20.15

We have had a very quiet and happy week at home! What a treat!

While at Goodwill looking for necessities Eric spotted and modeled a book on pumpkins....

The girls making their donation to the animal shelter.

Selfie with cat

Tiny feet.

We got to pig sit again!

Seriously though, look at her trotter and tail! 

Wearing my glasses

Selfie with pig.

Cordelia in the middle of a dramatic story while we waiting at the vet.

Elise and I listening to the very long and dramatic story at the vet.


And this chocolate situation.

These two.

Sisters who play together for hours.

Visits with my father after pre-school. I try to keep it brief as he is working, but the girls treasure their regular stops with my father who always has a fun idea.

First real snow today and Elise looked out the window and said,"Mom look! We are in a snow globe!"


Emily said...

Hooray for calm weeks! I spy an Ever After High t-shirt on Cordelia. This is my girls' newest obsession. Gone are the My Little Pony Days. Hello Apple White and Raven Queen and Dexter Charming....

affectioknit said...

sweet! and Elise have the same exact expression while listening to the story...

~have a lovely day!

Mom said...

I always look forward to phone photo Friday. You never disappoint.

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