Friday, November 27, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 11.27.15

Hello! How was your Thanksgiving? Your week? We have had a lovely week. Here is the week in review.

Eric and Elise

Eric at work in the studio.

Could she be any more adorable? Nope.

Family meal with Laura. She was back to give a presentation on her time volunteering overseas for an amazing program. This photo pretty much sums up life.

Sisters playing together.



The girls had dental appointments this week. I took Cordelia aside and asked her to set a good example for Elise who was having her first visit. Cordelia took this to mean, show Elise how comfortable you are with the whole thing. She ran in, kicked off her boots, hopped in the chair and popped on her shades.

She was very comfortable and took the opportunity to give Kylie the dental hygienist a personal comedy show. Throughout the course of both girls' appointments the staff kept peeping in and laughing, or even laughing from other rooms as they heard the nonsense that both of our girls were serving up.

Elise did so well. She took instruction like a boss and had no trouble.

Yesterday. Playing space cheetah and astronaut.

Thanksgiving dinner. My mom and the girls.

Our crew. Elise was opting not to wear her dress so she wouldn't spill food on it...

After dinner we had a family sledding break. It was very cold, but such fun!

Eric and Elise

Cordelia and me.


Mom said...

Once again, a great week of photos!

affectioknit said...

FUN! Happy Thanksgiving!

...I miss snow at Thanksgiving...

~Have a lovely day!

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