Monday, November 2, 2015

Project: Easy Air Dry Clay Skulls

Yes, I know Halloween has passed and Dia de Los Muertos ends today, but our Day of the Dead community event is this weekend (for reasons that were beyond my control). Anyway, I have made over 200 tiny skulls for participants to use, they will write the name of a loved one on the bottom of the skull and add it to the community altar. I have had loads of people asking for these skulls, wanting me to make them for sale. However, I am about all skull-ed out. So I though I could show you how very simple they are.

You will need:
Air dry clay, a few clay tools (you can buy them at a store for almost nothing or find comparable implements in your kitchen) and something with a rounded lid. I am using the cap of the E600, but an eraser or something like that would work too.

Pull off a small piece of clay.

Roll it into a ball with cracks smoothed out. If your clay starts to dry just lightly dampen your fingers.

Pinch the lower third of the ball with your thumb and pointer finger while pressing the back into your work surface. It is important that you gently press down or you'll end up with a rolly skull. Pressing it down gives you a firm foundation.

You should be left with something like this.

Now press your rounded cap into the center, two holes for the eye sockets.

You will have something like this.

Now take a tool with a slightly rounded end like this and press on both sides to make a nose cavity.

You will have this.

Now for the mouth. Gently press a straight and flat implement into your clay. Don't press too deep or too hard.

Your should be like this.

Now make some vertical marks for teeth. Again press gently.

Done. Now clean up any messy spots by gently smoothing with the pad of a finger, if it is dry slightly dampen your finger.

Repeat hundreds of times...or not.

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