Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vegan Recipe: Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

This super simple sandwich is so good! Fast and healthy. Perfect for a quick midday meal.

-1/2 c. Chickpeas (reserve the rest for a salad or whatever)
-1 small avocado or a tablespoon of vegan mayo
- 1 dill pickle chopped
-1 tsp. finely diced onion
-1/4 c chopped veggies and/or nuts ( I use whatever I have languishing in the  fridge or on the counter). I like tomatoes, celery, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, etc.
Whole wheat bread
Crisp green lettuce

1. In a bowl or a food processor or whatever works for you, mash the chickpeas and avocado or mayo together. You want it chunky.
2. Add everything else. Mix.
3. Spoon onto hearty whole wheat bread, add crisp lettuce. Enjoy.

1 comment:

affectioknit said...

Definitely makin' that!...It looks delicious!

~Have a lovely day!

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