Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Four Gifts

One thing I have learned as a parent is that Christmas gifts can get out of control, quickly! So much stuff can be given and that is all good and well if the gifts are thoughtful or useful, but then there are just the space filler gifts or the flavor of the month gifts. Eric and I have decided to take a new approach this year. We are going to give the girls four gifts: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. When we told the girls Elise was happy to accept, but Cordelia was clearly imagining the sheer and unbearable horror of only four presents (forgetting that friends and family also give gifts). We talked about it a bit and soon Cordelia was on board as well. 

For Eric and I this has actually been a fun challenge. Our four gifts are more thoughtful and creative than they might be had we just mindlessly gathered presents. We are also doing one larger gift for each girl. For instance we purchased a small sized drum set for Cordelia---no, not because we are crazy, but because she really shows an interest and an aptitude. They were affordable and we also wanted to test the limits of our own patience. Just kidding. I am strangely fine with drums another room. We are also finalizing plans on a larger gift for Elise as well. 

We are also doing the same for each other. Four gifts that fall into the aforementioned category! Really I have found these limitations to be fun and exciting as we ponder the best choice to fill our quota.

I am also making a lot of gifts this year. No, I am not giving art, but I am making sweets and other small give-able gifts. Trying, as always, to focus in our the spirit of the season and not give in to panic buying!

What are you up to for your giving?

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Victoria said...

Love this idea! We like to give each other a stocking filled with little treasures. It can be challenging to go small...but then, we have been known to be creative with notes and hints to a package too large for the stocking.
Our anniversary is two days before Christmas (who's bright idea was that!) and we find it extremely challenging to stop Christmas prep to celebrate our relationship...this is something we are working on.

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