Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kindness Bandit and General Update

I have decided to resurrect the Kindness Bandit with the deep hope that you are as inspired as I am by the project. Please join me in a month long kindness project. I will report back once a week on my efforts and the efforts of others that I see.

Share in the comments or send me emails about what you are up to in your random acts of kindness.

Today marks the end of the month of Kindness Bandit. I have really enjoyed the process, reminding me to find opportunities for kindness. While I always try to look for those moments I am more aware of them when I have to report back to you. This week I want to share a final couple of moments.

Last week a neighbor, not sure who,took my trash back to the side of our house after pick up. This was especially kind because sometimes the wind here is so intense that it blows the garbage can down the hill. I once had to chase it two blocks while carrying a child in gale force winds.

A few days ago, after a loooong and kinda stressful trip to the store I finally was next in line at check out when a woman with a stack of gift cards (like 15) on crutches got behind me. I had two whiny kids and I was ready to be done, and she could see that, but I basically forced her to go first. It took a long time as each card had to be activated at the register, but I am sure she needed to get off her feet and it was really not a huge deal for me to wait ten more minutes.

Finally, and I have to keep this vague as the recipient may read this blog (probably not), I gave an anonymous gift to a family who I have noticed does a lot of giving of their own---they give their time, energy, and endless patience for their community. I wanted to give them a little expression of anonymous gratitude.


Sarah Purdy said...

You are the kindest of kind all year round, friend.
Hugs and kisses to you!
- Faithful and loyal reader, not as frequent as I should be commenter.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you Sarah. I am so very thankful for your friendship.

Roxanne Veinotte said...

I like your Kindness Bandit posts. Thanks for resurrecting it for a short time!

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