Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kindness Bandit Week 2

I have decided to resurrect the Kindness Bandit with the deep hope that you are as inspired as I am by the project. Please join me in a month long kindness project. I will report back once a week on my efforts and the efforts of others that I see.

Share in the comments or send me emails about what you are up to in your random acts of kindness.


This week Cordelia and I decided to focus our KB efforts in one area. I let her choose three tags from the Angel Tree. The Angel Tree is a tree filled with gift tags for children who have an incarcerated parent. The incarcerated parent writes a few wishes and a note on the tag and it is up to strangers to help make those gifts happen.

Cordelia chose tags for a ten year old girl. Her parent had requested "girlie" things. Don't worry, Cordelia and I had a discussion about how anything is "girlie" if a girl wants to do it (knitting, hiking, robot building, wearing makeup, rescuing animals, etc.). Anyway, the card requested glittery nail polish and other such things. I let Cordelia compare prices and choose a special bag to fill with presents. 

The next tag was for an eight year old girl. A simple request for a blanket. Cordelia spent a great deal of time finding the softest blanket possible. We will head out today and find a few more non-essentials to add.

Finally she chose a nine year old boy whose tag asked for cars, skate stuff, and a music box radio (?). We grabbed a great pack of the specific type of cars. We are seriously clueless about the radio and I suspect the parent has been incarcerated for some time. So we are working on an alternative that makes sense.

This is such a great time of year for giving, it is just so easy to find opportunities to give! There are trees and bins everywhere. I wish it was always this way!

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