Friday, December 11, 2015

Phone Photo Friday 12.11.15

Oh goodness it is almost the weekend! I am planning a jam packed weekend of test grading! Wahoo! What are your plans?

Let's take a look back on the week in photos from my phone.

Betty Spinkles and Ophelia on the stairs. In case you are wondering, yes Betty always looks this confused----she is just generally confounded by the world in her sweet and simple way.

Just a little morning scene at our home. Sisters playing in the living room, sunlight through translucent Windows (I should probably clean those). Bumblebee stealing Betty's bed. Betty, confused, lays in the sun.

Saturday date with my handsome husband. We were home by 7, but it still counted!

Cordelia left a note on the front door. She has been developing quite a passion for animal rescue.

Elise was in a preschool recital on Sunday. I will post about that tomorrow. This is her giving me a proud hug afterwards.

Sunday-Wednesday we stayed at my parents' house watching their dog Bode who is much less stressed when at his own place. On Monday morning I enjoyed this view from the back porch.

The girls hit up the photo booth at the mall. Cordelia took the lead and Elise was happy to look up to her sister who always has a good idea.

Quick sketch of Eric and Elise.

Elise proudly put on her own jacket at preschool. Her teacher said,"I am not a victory stealer," and just let her go with an upside down jacket. Also, Cordelia...

My parents' dog Bode is....well...special in so many ways.

Cordelia wanted me to take a picture and send it to her father.

Sisters at a local museum. Eric took them out for an adventure while I was teaching a class.

Made some cookies.

Fifteen minute sketch.

Elise's preschool photo. 

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Emily said...

Bode has grown into such a big dog!!

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