Friday, December 25, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 12.25.15

Well Merry Christmas! We are in the midst of Christmas morning. Eric and Cordelia are putting together her drum set. Elise is playing with ponies. The cats are in a catnip induced trance and the dogs are licking the crumbs of treats from their paws. I thought I might as well finish off the year of phone photo Fridays. Our next phone photo Friday will be in 2016!

Eric and Elise at a Grinch Party.

Sisters decorating special vegan Christmas trees.

Eric reading Twilight, a gift from a friend with a great sense of humor.


Elise and my mother.

In a rare role reversal Eric, the introvert, went out to a birthday party and I stayed in for the night. I am not sure how to introvert, so I texted Sarah and asked her what to do as she loves her alone time. I ended up crocheting and watching a movie while eating chocolate.


New Kids on the Block dance party.

Snuggling sisters

Bum in the sun.

Oldphelia (old+Ophelia)

Cat in a castle.

Painting in progress


Cordelia and Elise started a band. They call themselves the sweet beats.

Their singer is Fluff

Slightly new hair color.

Eric and Cordelia

Sisters at dinner last night!

My gorgeous mother!

My father and Cordelia.

Brother Sam

Mom and the girls.


Elise playing with some presents

Cordelia on her new drums.


affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

1. Glad you took my advice! ;)
2. Love that hair. The darker red looks really good on you.
3. Airplane painting? WUT!!
4. New Kids grown up dance party in 2016

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