Friday, December 4, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 12.4.15

Well your countdown is complete, it is Friday again and that means...wait for it...
PHONE PHOTO FRIDAY! I feel like there needs to be a theme song.

Anyway, here are the magical gems that I found on my phone from the past week.

Work in progress, this has changed a lot in the past week. Let me just say there is now a flamingo and fruit. Don't worry, I will share the completed piece soon. This is for a big show that Eric and I have opening in April! It is pretty ambitious as I am creating 20 large works.

Our furnace malfunctioned on Friday (turned out to be a simple fix) and we spent some serious time in front of the space heater. The furnace wouldn't turn off, kept getting hotter and hotter. I was pretty sure that our walls would melt and the house would explode, or implode, so we turned the heater off completely over night and woke to a house that was 58 degrees...doesn't sound cold, but it was so cold outside it just felt all around uncomfortable. The girls were unaware, but I was a baby about it and added layers and space heater.

Work in progress. I have since completed the piece. The large image is for our April show as well. Now I am beginning to panic and wonder where I will store all of this art for several months!

Elise and Lucy at work. Normally I don't let Lucy on the table, but rules are pretty boring.

Sketching, which is what I will be doing after this blog post and yoga.


Made vegan cupcakes to bring along to a birthday party. Spreading vegan goodness. These are enchanted vegan cupcakes, one bite and you will instantly turn vegan...same goes for looking at photos of the cupcakes. Can you feel the vegan power?


Something was happening here...

Elise was star of the week at preschool. She carefully colored her entire poster.

After dinner homeschool with Eric and Cordelia.

Cordelia put on the hat and asked me to send a photo to her dad.

I lay down the yoga mat and these two yokels make themselves right at home.

Eric and Elise. She has laser vision for the cookie in her hands.

These two with the gingerbread (why is autocorrect trying to change gingerbread to finger bread?) houses we made. The girls and I found an accidentally vegan gingerbread kit and spent an hour assembling and sampling. I wielded the icing and the girls added the candy.

My dad, being an awesome grandfather! These girls have no idea how good they have it! How I longed for a good grandfather as a child. Watching my dad with these girls fills that empty spot in my heart a bit.

Consuming a gingerbread house. Her hands couldn't get food to face fast enough.

"Look at me Cordelia! Smile." 
Stares deeply into the gingerbread chalet, does not register that I have spoken.

Posing in bathrobes was Cordelia's idea. Pretty much any chance to put on a show is a good plan for her.

Work on a portrait commission.

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