Saturday, December 19, 2015

Post Office

Going to the post office is not my favorite way to pass the time. I am not exactly sure what it is that troubles me so, but I simply cannot be bothered to go to the post office. Maybe it is the lines, which are often long. Perhaps it is the workers who seem to be filled with seething hate. Perhaps it is the fact that I worked a postal desk at Hallmark in 2001 and I have flashbacks to angry customers shouting about limited edition duck stamps. Whatever it is I will put off postal visits until the last minute.

Well, this week Elise and I had to make the journey to mail Christmas gifts. Cordelia was at a class and we had an hour. I assumed it would be a ten minute stop, but it ended up taking about 50 minutes. 

We entered the building and saw a long line. I took a deep breath and stood at the end of the line. I could almost see the front desk in the distance. 

Elise shouted,"Whoa that is a long line mom." I agreed and set my heavy packages on the ground by my feet. 

Another mother toting an unruly child grumbled, "Good luck," as she angrily pushed her way back out...still holding her package and her child you looked mighty pleased with himself.

I sighed. I braced myself for the slow passage of time. Then I looked down at Elise and she was holding a package and it was too cute. The next hour passed in a flash and we had a hilarious and good time in line at the post. We made friends and Elise entertained the crowd with her antics.

Initially she stood next to me. She insisted on holding and maneuvering the large and unwieldy package; dropping it, falling, stand up, repeat. When she finally set the package down she pulled her cap over her face and shouted," Ahhh where is my faaaaace!" She has zero volume control so everyone in the line could hear her.

Initially I tried to quiet her, but eventually I noticed the futility of my efforts and the way that everyone in line was smiling. So I just let it happen.

She passed gas and loudly said,"Excuse me, I tooted." Everyone silently chuckled. Then she said, "Oh man, that stinks." Then she ran off, leaving us fully crop dusted.

She had a running commentary for the entire visit. Others started commenting and before I knew it we were all chatting instead of standing around like sullen robots. I met two people who live in my neighborhood. One of them is the owner of a glorious garden that I regularly admire----and I had time to learn how he had acquired the garden space.

Then Elise started rolling on the floor.

Then line was out the door and we all were smiling and laughing at her as she pretended she was a shark and then a dinosaur. 

Finally she just lay on her back for a bit and shouted,"This is taking forever." And then it was our turn. Nearly an hour had passed. For most of us in line it had been a rather entertaining hour. 


Emily said...

Love her hat! I'd be entertained for sure! :)

Roxanne Veinotte said...

I love this post, and I do love your Elise's antics ... I wish I had been there!

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