Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I took Cordelia to ballet class. I talked with my friend as our daughters danced. Occasionally Cordelia would look over at me, to see that I was watching her moves. I would give her a thumbs up or a smile and she would carry on. She was confident in her abilities and her mother's encouragement was enough to reaffirm her faith in herself. 

She and I were talking about life and whatever recently and she told me that she is a ballerina, drummer, artist, etc. She said, with the wisdom that children are known to drop," Sure, I still have a lot to learn, but that is what it is all about." Her confidence struck me. She had decided these things about herself and it was so. I couldn't really argue that point as I had been contemplating that same issue in my yoga practice. 

Choosing a path and treating it as if it were already done. It is a simple thing I suppose, but it removes that second guessing that we all learn at some point in life. Just choose what you need and make it so. I am sure that there are scenarios where that doesn't speaking the hidden language of manatees, or as in my children's case---developing "ice powers" like Elsa. Overall I feel like that easy confidence of children is something we let go of as we age. That is a dumb thing to let go.

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