Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Currently Reading: Goodnight Yoga (kids) Just Kids (me)

So I am sick. I feel kind of like I have a steam roller squashing me feet first, but instead of guts squishing out it is snot...and I have a sore throat. Basically just a standard cold, but I feel puny and weak. All I want is a warm nap in a hammock, is that too much to ask for in this world?! Ok, perhaps that was all a bit extreme. Anyway, I am trying to focus in on a blog today. So I have been meaning to talk about a book that I am going to finish today, but first let's look at what I am reading the girls.

Goodnight Yoga by Miriam Gates is a book that my mother gave the girls. The book is a calming 5-10 minute yoga routine. The story uses visual imagery to guide children through poses. The girls love following the easy flow. The final pose of Savasana (or Shavasana pick your pronunciation poison) has the girls laying down (I move them to their beds) and visualizing their worries floating away. They love it! I love that they are doing yoga, following their breath and settling in for rest. 

Asking children to be mindful in a yoga practice is silly, but this book gently guides them in the direction of connecting breath and body and mind. They have fun and learn a bit of yoga too.

So check out this book...ok it is on my Kindle. Speaking of Kindles, I have had one for maybe five years, but I still feel sci-fi when I read on you?

I purchased this book at the suggestion of my dear friend and mentor Michael Copeland. The book is by Patti Smith, entitled Just Kids. The book follows Patti Smith as sets out into adulthood on her own, landing in NYC where she meets Robert  Mapplethorpe. Now you may have heard both of their names, depending on what circles you run in, but Patti is a well-known musician, poet and visual artist. Robert was a photographer whose work you should not explore if you are my parents or grandparents---just look at his flower photos.

I knew a bit about the pair, but this book dives into their early lives as young artists struggling to find their voices and mediums. It is so fascinating and inspirational to read about how artists develop over time...the many voices adding to their growth and development. I think too often we find artists as polished professionals, but they were not born that way and this book clearly illustrates that fact.


Victoria said...

Oh dear! I am telling everyone that will take Andrographis for this cold. It is an echinacia on steroids. Feel better...sooooon! Cope is very happy you like the book. He knew immediately that it would resonate with you. xoxo

Melodee said...

I saw the Goodnight Yoga book at Barnes & Noble last month. My granddaughter is only 6 months old, bit I plan to get the book for her when she's a bit older. So glad to hear that your girls like it.

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