Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Girl

Last night was Cordelia's big night. She and Eric have been practicing My Girl together for a few weeks. They have been running through the song at least once a day with Cordelia popping into her room here and there to try and work through a difficult part or to work on her timing.

Often the girls will both run upstairs and Elise will sit on the floor and play while Cordelia gives her "music lessons." While Elise isn't exactly an engaged student the repetition seems to be good for Cordelia.

The work has all been going toward a talent show. Cordelia really wanted to play in this talent show, so she and Eric signed up. Honestly she is so adorable behind the drum set that it didn't really matter if she nailed it or not---well I suppose it really did matter to her! She wanted to do well and it was pretty awesome for Eric and I to see her develop a new focus. We have given her other opportunities to cultivate a passion, but she is so young that she has never really showed a ton of focus for practice until now. We have really seen a transformation in her attention to drumming. It is amazing!

Yesterday she dyed her hair blue on the tips with a very temporary dye. Elise opted for a blue strip. Cordelia chose her outfit, lots of purple with glitter shoes and a faux leather jacket. She was ready by 2, but the talent show wasn't until 6:30. She spent the afternoon watching the clock and counting down.

Finally it was time. Eric returned from work and we loaded into the truck and made our way there. The youth had a spaghetti dinner before the show. Cordelia sat with the big kids. Too much growing for one week. When dinner was cleaned up it was time to start the show.

Eric and Cordelia were the opening act. She sat on her seat and took a few deep breaths before they began. She was nervous. 

Then they started. Not shown in these photos is Joel who played bass. The trio did great, both men following Cordelia's lead. 

Cordelia had her head down, hair in her face, but she peeked up at me a few times and I saw a hint of a smile. She played so well. My heart was exploding with love for my spouse, who is just such a great father, and my first born.

When they were done Cordelia ran over to hug her father.

She was so exhilarated by the performance and happy with the outcome! 

Success! They are already planning to start learning new songs. 

Also, last night Eric and my father and Joel performed a couple of  Buddy Holly songs. They were the closing act.

My dad is such a talented musician and I don't think anybody at the show, family aside, had heard him play before so it was a surprise and a treat. I loved listening to the audience cheer and scream for my amazingly gifted father.

It was a fantastic evening!


Roxanne Veinotte said...

Sounds like a great evening, I am happy to see Cordelia having fun doing something she loves, hope this continues as a sure focus for her.

Sarah Purdy said...

So cool! I'm glad her debut performance was a huge success!

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