Friday, January 15, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 1.15.16

Cordelia practicing for the talent show next week. 

Sisters in the snow.

Snow volcano. Looks impressive, but it took all of the vinegar and baking soda as it melted down. If you want to try this I suggest that you bury a cup at the top of the volcano for more eruption.

Best afternoon snack ever? Melted chocolate on banana slices with unsweetened almond and coconut.

When Eric or I fall asleep on the couch, the other is quick to take a photo, then we wake the other by sending the photo to their phone. I will not reveal his photos because Eric is introverted and this blog is already a bit much.

Cordelia buried Elise in all of their stuff. It was loads of fun until they had to clean up. Then I was told that I was definitely the meanest mother. I responded by laughing and telling them to only put away the stuff that they wanted to keep.

Elise. She has such a vivid imagination and lives to play. 

Cordelia doing some Rosetta Stone French.

Ophelia now sleeps exclusively on the printer. Also, we call her Oldphelia.

Daily sketch. I have committed to sketching every day. 

Eric hanging an exhibit at the museum.  Show looks great!

Cordelia at a homeschool art class (photo courtesy of her lovely teacher Kim). While she looks suuuuper intense she had a lovely time and learned about Picasso and made an "Evil Jester."

Dinner spring wraps with veggies, rice noodles, tofu and a peanut sauce.

Cranky chef. She and Cordelia were playing some strange game that involved Elise yelling at Cordelia to work and sleep on the floor. I overheard Cordelia tell Elise,"You are supposed to say I can't visit my family until all of the food is made." Elise, fully in character, shouted," You can't visit your family until all of the food is made!" This is often how they play, Cordelia feeding lines to Elise, though as Elise is aging and coming up with her own ideas there is less direction from Cordelia.

After Elise was in bed the rest of us took turns wearing the chef's hat.

Laziest chef ever.

[Missing photo of Eric in chef's hat]


Cordelia and I at the animal shelter yesterday. Elise and Eric went and took some father daughter time.

Hope your week has been super!

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