Friday, January 22, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 1.22.16

Happy Friday! Today is a big day for Cordelia, well tonight. She has the talent show where she and Eric will play together. They have been practicing so hard and it will be so so so sweet! I cannot wait!

Anyway, let's look over the phone photos from the last week.

Elise and a very tolerant Betty Sprinkles.

I just felt like you should probably see this mannequin. 

 This. She asked me,"Do you like my look?"

Eric at work on a photo that involved lots of sugar.

The girls were pretty sure we were going to let them eat the sugar when he was done. We did not let them eat it.

Sam and Elise. Sam works nights so the girls are always thrilled when he makes it to any day time event.

We call these pajama pants Double Cuffs. You see I had purchased some pajama pants in a size larger than normal, hoping they would be long enough (tall girl problems) and didn't try them on...dressing rooms with little kids are super entertaining for others. The girls will shout awesome stuff like,"I see your funny underwear!"----Anyway, I got home and the pants were too short. I gave them to my mom, thinking she would just enjoy a pair of pajama pants. A few weeks later she returned them, lengthened with a second set of cuffs from an old pair of pajamas at her home. I love them and was so touched at the simple thoughtful gesture.

Studio at night

Cordelia with a Guinea pig, not ours. She is wearing a hat and poncho made by her grandma.

Cordelia before ballet class

Cordelia at ballet class.

One more.

Eric and Elise

Elise painting at the art museum


Working on a painting last night in the studio.

Eric sewing patches on his jacket.

Sleeping cat.

This is how Cordelia watches cartoons every morning.

Have a great weekend!

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Victoria said...

Your casa is looking amazing! Love Cordilia in her leathers;Elise at her easel; and your mother's thoughtful jammy fix. Oh, and I LOVE a man who can sew. xoxox Hope you are feeling better. xoxo

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