Monday, February 1, 2016

A New Month

Today is February first and the start of month two of dedicated daily sketches. One month in and I can say that I have made some fundamental changes to how I live my life. Daily sketching, painting and yoga are at the core of these changes---all linked together by my real accomplishment a day planner. 

Fighting all of my natural instincts I have managed to keep a day planner for an entire month. Every single day. This is basically unprecedented for me. I am seeing many rewards, but it is also a challenge. I don't always want to know what my day holds, but I am trying to leave room for mystery. 

I am seeing new growth as an artist as I face down my weaknesses instead of hiding from them. I am finding new strength and flexibility in a daily yoga practice. Planning groceries for the entire week including all snacks for the girls is tedium, but I do it every Sunday because it is in the planner. The result is money saved. Sticking to a strict shopping list has kept us from three or more stops at the store for forgotten essentials...and random finds.

Forcing time for daily reading has been such a gift to myself. I usually do it right before bed as a way to unwind, instead of looking at nonsense on my phone. I have finished three novels, read poetry and essays and articles. My mind is alive with new concepts. 

Honestly on January first I was not sure how sustainable this hopeful process would be, but I decided to try. I have no idea what clicked or what has changed, but I feel new and invigorated. I am excited today as I open a brand new sketch book and start in on what is a new chapter in my life. I hope you are well today!


Bettina Rae said...

We have such similar goals! I am forcing myself to meal plan too and though I still hate it, I have to admit it does make life easier. I'm also attempting to read a book a week by taking myself to bed earlier and more creativity, yoga and art. Look forward to hearing how the rest of your year goes!

Stacy said...

I have not done the best job of menu planning lately. I've been trying to get better and do everything Sunday or before for the week. I've started using Peapod for grocery pick up so I really need to do it ahead. But on the positive side, my freezer is so stocked for when the baby comes!

Love that you've gotten some good time for reading! I've been trying to go up to read but lately, Ted has followed me and go to sleep!

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