Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dreaming of Spring

The sun is out today and it is warm, well at least for Wyoming in February. The high is nearly 40F. Considering that at this time a couple of years ago it was -24F it feels downright summery. Although looking outside there are huge drifts of snow still sitting in the streets and I have to use 4wd to safely navigate the icy roads in my neighborhood. The sun, and break from the wind, has given all of us a new energy. The girls and I talked about picnics and laying in the grass this morning. I day dreamed about my hammock. Oh how I miss that hammock!

I have been thinking about warm soil and green growing things. I have been day dreaming about my garden and open windows and cool streams. When I look out at the naked branches in our neighborhood I can sense that they are considering their first leaves, preparing underneath their bark for another season of growth. And I can almost smell the lilacs. I love the smell of of a lilac bush more than almost anything. 

Japanese gardens

For now I am happy to listen to the chirping of the winter birds. I know that soon there will be a riotous wake-up from the bird thugs each morning at 5. I am eager for the gentle cooing of the mourning doves who nest in the easement behind our house. Evenings in the hammock with a book will become my norm soon enough.

Between now and then I will enjoy those cold nights snuggled under my great grandmother's quilt. I will soak up the silence of the snow and the sunlight shining through icicles while I dream of spring.

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affectioknit said...

I can hardly believe we're heading into Lent...that means Spring can't be far away...

~Have a lovely day!

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