Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Cordelia finished kindergarten recently. She blasted through her curriculum and was ready for first grade. She didn't even want a break; she was ready to dive into the new material. We did celebrate with a gift of a ferret...a stuffed ferret, believe it or not we did not adopt another animal. Cordelia is obsessed with ferrets. We also went out to dinner as celebration of her achievement. Mostly though, Cordelia was ready to move on to more challenging material.

So we have begun first grade with gusto. There are many new and exiting subjects. Cordelia is a very enthusiastic student. Elise is also regularly involved with course work. She will listen in as we read history lessons. She loves stories and is eager to learn as well. So I have taken to giving her work as well. Thankfully the preschool had a ton of pre-K stuff that they were unloading and I grabbed it. So I am officially deep into homeschool parenthood.

I am starting to get a few, well-meaning, questions. Mostly those questions are from acquaintances and strangers. The people closest to us are supportive and enthusiastic about our choice to homeschool. Most of the questions are about whether or not we are concerned about socialization. Of course we are...but not in the way you think! We are concerned, as all parents are, that their children will have a good group of friends as they move through life. We aren't worried about them encountering other people of their own age.

Cordelia interacts with people of all ages all the time! We were recently out at lunch with some artist friends in Buffalo and they commented that their main experience with homeschooled kids has been their good manners. 

While the girls do socialize with people of all ages, we do make sure they interact with their peers on the reg. Cordelia has classes with homeschooled and public schooled children four days a week. She also meets up with her it is not as if she is locked away in some sort of homeschool chamber. Elise goes to preschool with "the babies" and has started to make a few friends who are "big kids." So they are just fine. I think it is bizarre that people ask about it. 

Are our kids going to be weird? Probably, they are our children after all. Homeschooled or not they are the children of artists. They are gonna be weird and that is great! The world needs less homogenization. I do hope, with all my heart, that these little weirdos will be kind and compassionate women someday, equipped to handle the challenges of this strange world in which we live.


Anonymous said...

I am excited when parents decide to home school, wish I had the circumstances to do it with my now 29 year old child. But I did raise one helluva kid, and he is a bit weird in his own ways, he wears a handlebar mustache and fedoras... he makes quite the first impression.

Mom said...

If only all children had the beautiful childhood your girls are getting...

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