Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just Bits of Home

Morning coffee situation. Currently contemplating a third cup, wondering if it will make my hands shake too much to sketch. My hands always shake, but the third cup is a roll of the dice.

An off shoot of my great grandma Rose's Christmas cactus, blooming for the first time this year. I received a small bit of plant after she passed away and have been so happy to watch it grow. I think of her every time I look at this plant. Last year it bloomed three or four times!

Messy morning beds. Maybe they will be made today, but soon enough they will be trashed and messy again as blankets are removed and young imaginations used.

On top of the bookshelf in the guest room. A small assemblage of items that mean something to Eric and me.

Observed by a hound. My best dog friend, truly my constant companion...unless I go into the studio as she no longer likes to rush down the stairs. Although sometimes she forgets that she is old and runs down the stairs in a burst of enthusiasm.

Nightstand. So many books to read and not enough lifetime to get to them all.

Bedroom, not pictured is a basket of laundry that must be sorted.

My white shadow on a Persian rug. That rug has quite a story; traveled from Turkey to who knows where as my friend lost her luggage...maybe it went to Greece or Chicago. Now here it is in Wyoming. I wonder about the maker, they had no idea that their work would end up around the world with a mishevious cat sitting on top of it.

Home. This photo, and the few things in it, can tell so many stories. I suppose that is the point of the random stuff we do and accumulate over a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

I miss having a Christmas cactus they are so beautiful

Victoria said...

Looove how you've styled "our" shelve!

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