Friday, February 12, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 2.12.16

Let's do this thing 

Elise is at the age of independence...or well moments of independence. She likes to dress herself, button her buttons, but also will tell me that she just needs a "mommy snuggle." It is a sweet age.

Decorating her Valentine's Day box for a homeschool skate party later in the week.

Sisters. It is not exactly a stellar photo, but still captures them. They really are the best of friends. They play together all the time. Their personalities are different in a way that seems to compliment the other, yet still quite similar.

Sunday people were watching that sport that I don't care about so my mother and the girls and I went to the mall and wandered about. The mall was basically empty. Here they are putting money into some coin thing that is basically just a fancy way to throw your money away. Kidding, I think the money goes to some charity---but maybe not, that would be funny if it was just some dude who set that up in the mall.

It was kind of awesome. I love going to places that are usually busy when they are empty. Definitely thought about where I would hole up if it were Dawn of the Dead----would have to be Target as they have most of the basic essentials.

The girls often sit and sketch with me. A simple activity that works at all developmental levels. Sometimes they ask me to teach them, but mostly they just like to work alongside me.

Wall climbing in a pleather jacket and socks.

Also wall climbing, but with more caution.

Elise joined me for yoga. She didn't last long but, soon she brought a pirate ship down and played next to me.

Working my nights in the studio.

Cordelia is starting first grade next week. I am loving homeschool and she does too. She has so many extra activities through the homeschool network that we are always doing something new.

Visiting my father at his work. They were drawing pictures of me. 

Cordelia and I worked on sketches of skeletons as she learned about the bones of the body.

Cordelia's skeleton drawing.

Ballet class.

Sweet Bumblebee.

A dinner of rice, veggies and peanut sauce.

Atomic Betty Sprinkles

Elise signing her Valentine's Day cards. She wrote her name on all 25!

Seriously, it is pretty amazing that she is doing this at 3.

Delivering Valentines

More daily sketch.

Cordelia had a homeschool Valentine's Day party at the skate rink yesterday.

Cordelia and Eric and at the skate rink.

Elise, Lucy, Eric and me at the table this morning...all sketching. Cordelia was working on head stands while watching Inspector Gadget.

Breakfast of fruit salad and scrambled tofu.

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