Friday, February 19, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 2.19.16

Here we gooooo....

Last Friday my friend sent me a message that they had the pool out and would I like to bring the girls over. I thought she was joking about the pool as it was around 45F, but we went over to play. She was not kidding. They had filled a kiddie pool with hot water. So my girls borrowed some swimming trunks and the kids had a fantastic time.

The kids cooled the hot water with snow from a drift and fun was had.

My friend made us a drink and we pretended it was summer.




Vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Elise was pretending to be a superhero who was unaffected by tornadoes and something about ice skating.

My little drummer.

On Sunday my mother watched the girls while Eric and I had a movie date! 

My mom got this great photo of Elise and her dimple.

We did some pig sitting again this week.

Pigs are pretty hilarious. I wish I could capture the grunts and squeals this pig makes. She also looooves carrots and treats my girls like carrot dispensers.

Cordelia wanted to show me some dance moves and Elise gave an evil laugh and ran in front of her sister. Cordelia was not pleased. I mean look at both of their faces!

We still got to see some moves.

Sisters at the park.

This babe is my spouse. He also looks like a missing Allman Brother.

Working in the studio.


affectioknit said...

Wow!...a swimming pool in February...What a fun week...what movie did you see?...

Have a lovely weekend!

Daphne said...

Your comment about Eric cracked me up... (I think he looks great but, yes!) -- met a friend's current date last night; as we walked away I commented that she's dating Lemmy Jr. He was full-on 70s rocker, complete with eau de B.O. (pronounced eau de beau). Mmm, stinky rocker!

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