Friday, February 26, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 2.26.16

Cordelia on a slide in Buffalo. She later told me this was frightening because, "some grow ups should really know to put a top on the slide."

Cordelia made me a hat. She has been into crafting lately. Lots of tape and scissors.

Elise in one of her "looks." She will go upstairs, put something strange in and then come down and ask,"how do you like my look?"

Elise painted a bunch of stars and then handed them out to a few special people.

Sewing Cordelia.

Family walk

My parents laughing with no control. My dad wearing a beanie to mock Eric. I told him that he looked like a fish monger.

Elise modeling another "look"

Cordelia enjoying her first day of first grade!

I pranked my husband.

Vegan mini omelettes.

The reason that each meal takes at least an hour to eat.


My crew

This one

Sisters holding hands on a walk. They both dress themselves. I hope that is obvious.

They made a nest on the floor and read together.

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