Friday, February 5, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 2.5.16

Let's do this phone photo phriday...

Working on a painting

This girl likes to play and play. Doesn't matter if she spent the last three hours playing, she will cry when she has to stop. Unless there is a snack.

We spotted a very happy man riding (and falling from) a unicycle in the snow. Probably a metaphor for life.

Intense Saturday morning cartoon watching.

Pelting my child with a snowball.

Eric opted to make a snow man

A story before bed.

More playing


Ballet girl. 

The whole crew came to watch ballet practice on my mother's birthday.

After ballet we went to a birthday dinner at a buffet in the mall. Then, just because we are solidly weird, we opened presents and sang Happy Birthday in the middle of the nearly empty mall. I also brought peanut butter cookies (birthday girl's choice) with a glow stick in lieu of a candle.

It was oddly normalish for our family.

Not sure what is happening here, but this was me at the mall.

Lucy in a bag

Elise in the bag.

Coyote in the back seat

Sisters in the snow

Cordelia got creative with the magnets.

Dog whisperer.

They asked me to take a band photo. Cordelia went all in and Elise just played dress up.

Happy Friday!

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