Monday, February 22, 2016

Sewing with Cordelia

Cordelia is naturally a perfectionist. She has high expectations about her abilities and can become pretty upset when expectation and reality do not meet. She logically understands how this does not serve her and will reflect upon the situation with wisdom, but in the moment she cannot quite make that connection. To help her develop the tools to deal with the realities of imperfection Eric and I have been putting her into situations where she just has to face it head on 

Drumming had been instrumental (pun intended) in her growth! She really is grasping the value of repetition and practice. Her frustration level on day one was pretty high, but now it is a non-issue. She works on a problem until it is solved.

Hoping to extend that growth I recently purchased a sewing project that was just at the edge of her ability. 

She was so excited to make something all for herself. I sat alongside her and helped guide as needed, but she completed the project on her own.

She was totally focused for two hours! She worked through frustration without losing control. 

She has grown so much in these past months. Sometimes Eric and I have to remind ourselves that she is a full on kid now. She is wise and kind and thoughtful. She is so excited to grow and learn and it is an honor to watch her journey.


elizabeth said...

what a cute sewing project!
and what cute girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Great sewing project, hope she keeps it up, with the way she picks her clothes sometimes, she could create some fun styles!

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