Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wind Blows

I was awakened by a loud thunk on the roof. Didn't even startle me...I knew what had happened. I could hear the wind and it was clear that a giant branch had fallen onto the roof. The really impressive fact is that there is not a tree above my bedroom. 

I know I have written about the wind on this blog before and you are probably like,"yo it is just wind." Let me give you some numbers; today the wind is blowing between 65-80+ mph in our town. For a little context a tropical cyclone is classified as a hurricane when it has maximum sustained winds of 74+mph. 

So the wind is like this character in our lives from October through April. It is a consideration that must be taken into account when making plans. For instance, even though it is an unseasonably warm day the girls and I will not be playing outside. The wind can knock Elise down, but there is also a danger from falling branches.

The wind impacts our entire lives, from the clothes we wear (no dresses) to the way we style our hair (ponytails). And don't even get me started on how sad it is to watch the birds try to fly.

All around our neighborhood the dumpsters are blown over as they are at the curb waiting pick up. I caught out before it blew down the street.

The thing is though, that even with the annoyance we Wyomingites have a sense of pride for having endured. Who knows why? When out of towners complain we are quick to sell them on the virtues of our state. It is a pretty great place to live in spite of the wind---which my mother reminds me keeps the air clean. It also blows all of the garbage to other states. So there is that...

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elizabeth said...

it just blew into us about 20 minutes ago. and it's whipping!

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