Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It seems like we are dealing with a new illness or ailment every couple of months with Bumblebee. She is around 12, though we can never really know her true age. Basset life expectancy is 10-12. So we know that each day with our spicy old gal is a gift.

She gave us quite a scare on Sunday when she would not stop drinking water. We feared kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, etc. There is an animal Web MD and it is just as terrifying as the human version; every worst case scenario. So it was time for yet another vet visit. Every time we drive to the vet now I am filled with a little sadness. I know that it could mean a small problem or it could be the fateful news that the end is near. 

We spent a small eternity at the vet as they ran a battery of tests to rule out the major areas of concern. The good news was that they were able to rule out kidney disease and diabetes. Cancer is still a possibility as is a simple infection. We are awaiting results, but in the mean time Bumblebee is drinking water at a more normal rate---though still more than her usual amount. She is pretty tired today, but she still clambered down to the basement to try and eat cat puke when she heard Lucy barfing (too much info?). She also happily barked her morning greeting to the neighborhood. She woke up with me, she always waits for me to get up, and had a little pet. When she was younger I would hold her in my lap like a giant awkward baby for our morning greeting, but that is too much for her now. Instead she wags her tails and looks up at me as I pet her sweet face.

Mostly she just likes to lay in her bed and once or twice a day she plays with Betty. Her spirit is still full of love and joy, but her body is starting to show its age.

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Anonymous said...

Awe, I am saddened, life is what it is, and memories lasts a long time, she is still a bundle of joy, and I am happy I got to know her through this blog. Hope there isn't any major health issues from the testing!

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