Saturday, March 5, 2016

Master Power Blast

Yesterday we went to a fire station for a homeschool field trip. The kids got a tour, some fire safety info and then it was time for the grand finale, wasting water...I mean spraying the fire hose.

The girls dutifully lined up. Cordelia sweetly holding Elise's hand and guiding her along.

Cute. No mischief.

Elise sweetly sprayed the hose.

Then it was Cordelia's turn.

Everything started out fine.

Wait, then she commandeered the hose, spraying upwards... And then...

At me and the crowd of parents and babies.

The fire man tried really hard not to laugh. He failed. In Cordelia's defense all of the kids had been saying they were going to do it, but Cordelia actually had the nerve to do it.

I made her apologize to the mother and baby who got a solid spray, but thankfully everyone was pretty amused. We all tried to keep our poker faces, but it was pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

Cordelia is awesome!

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