Thursday, March 24, 2016

Once Again

Well, it goes without saying that a weakened immune system is an open invitation to illness. Elise had a stomach bug over the weekend and now she has something new. We call these occasional  strings of illness "the preschool sampler." Not to blame preschool, they use good hygiene, it is just what happens when little kids get together. I remind myself that this is how strong immune systems are built.

Today is about managing a fever. Snuggling with a little who really clings to her momma when she isn't feeling her best. Cordelia has been a helpful big sister, trying to make Elise comfortable. Movies will be watched, books will be read. Homeschool will happen, but not much else.

Sometimes these quiet sick days are kind of the best...except for the sick part. Elise is content to be close and get lots of hugs. 

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