Friday, March 25, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 3.25.16

Happy Friday! I hope your holiday weekend is off to a lovely start. Here is a bit of our week in review...

From our day trip to the train museum.

This rascal was told not to sit on the train seats. She found a solution, stand instead.

Elise likes to be really close to people at meals and she will scoot her chair close to Eric or me, often hugging or hand holding while eating.

Family river walk on a very windy day.

This Wyoming girl was calling to the geese.

Throwing rocks into the water never gets old. 

Vegan snack tray!

Sketch. One of my daily sketches this week. 

We dyed vegan eggs this week. I found some weird "eggs" that were made of paper or something----you could dye them with regular dye.

The girls were thrilled by the novelty.

Coconut curry chili!

Elise working on some clay at the art museum while we waited for Cordelia to finish class.

Chalkboard drawing

After Cordelia's class the girls spotted a cheetah print car...

Lucy basically sat on Elise's head, she was too sick to care. Fever is gone today and all seems well.

Found a photo of Sam and me. I was 12.

Dinner of BBQ tofu, Swiss chard, wild rice.
Morning scene, sketching at the table. Elise was spread out sketching on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

I love the sketch of the woman with the flowers!

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