Friday, March 4, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 3.4.16

Last Friday had a date night out of town! We drove to Cheyenne.

My handsome date for the Governor's Arts Awards.

Me. Acting natural.

A rare couple shot, like spitting a unicorn.


Homeschool archaeology. I buried some random objects, they dug them up and told me things we could learn about a society. For example a seashell meant they lived near water, pottery meant they could make dishes.

Tea from a dear friend.

After a science class in which Cordelia learned that hair is dead she asked to be bald. Eric made quick work of that by showing her how she would look in a photoshopped image.

Evening walk.

Sisters on a river walk.

Looking at goose poop. 

Volunteering at the shelter yesterday 

Cat queen

"This one definitely loves me."


AKM said...

Lovely little recap! Your hair looks fab. The little calico in the bottom left of the photo with just Cordelia looks a bit like my Allegra! I hope to keep up with the blog (and your mama's) better in the near future.

Victoria said...

Haha...goose poop! Lucky girls! xo

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