Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sick Day, Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day. Yesterday was a sick day. There were fevers and medicines and 3/4 of us were exploring a spectrum of illness which has plagued us for a bit now. 

I let Cordelia, who had the highest fever, lay in a chair and watch tv for long enough that I began to feel guilty. Elise, who was a bit healthier, played and worked on projects, sometimes watching a bit of tv too. I had a fever by mid day, nothing major. Still it was not my favorite day.

I kept thinking that I should turn off the tv and read to the girls or come up with some enriching activity for the unwell. I tried to rally them for a bath, they always enjoy baths. Five minutes in Cordelia got the fever shakes. She was out, dried and snuggled up in front of the tv a short while later. 

It was then that I realized that some days it is ok to raise the white flag, turn on 
cartoons and let sick kids just lay there. I don't have to always give them opportunities for enrichment or read or have teachable moments. I gave in to feeling a bit sick. I left Eric to keep an eye on the situation as he is a capable parent. I took a nap. I took a bath. I began to feel a bit better.

After dinner Cordelia's fever was more or less managed. Elise's antibiotics were starting to kick in, my fever was barely a fever. We played some games as a family. We read a book and then sent our girls off to bed. While I didn't win any mother of the year awards yesterday I think it is important to say that is fine. It is ok to do nothing. It is ok to turn on the tv sometimes. There is no glory in pretending you have energy that you don't have. It is ok for mothers to say they need sleep or a moment to stare vacantly into the abyss.

Today is a new day. Some of us are well. Others are still on the mend. There will be some tv watching and some play. It is all fine.

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