Monday, March 7, 2016


Last night I was texting a friend about spring. We wrote each other back and forth, sharing our excitement about the changing season, the beauty of nature, all of it. It was a fairly brief exchange. Later I read back through our texts and I was so thankful. I was thankful that I have a friend with whom I can be sincere and  earnest. No eye rolling emojis or cynical responses, just a joyful exchange. I want more of that.

Cynicism is simple. Sarcasm is too easy. What is the point? I mean, sure it is funny and we all do it...but still...Is that all there is? Can we not express the breathless wonder of sun glowing behind a cloud? Revel in the laughter of children? Seriously did you just roll your eyes or did you cringe at that last suggestion? Can we not smile with genuine happiness, without laughing at something or someone...just joy? Why is that too much? Too intense? Why do we always say that everything is fine? Sometimes it is not fine, it is really sad and other times the happiness inside cannot be contained by a simple "fine."

Today I am going to try and just let go of the rules and be the person I really am. Happy, sad, funny, whatever. I hope you have a sincere day as well.


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