Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday to my father! I was gifted with a truly amazing man for a father and today (and every day) I am celebrating that fact.

My father is a giving man. Seriously, you have no idea how giving this man is. As a pastor he is on call at all times. When people are happy or sad or dying or grieving or struggling for money or any other need---they call my dad. They call at all hours of day or night. They call when he is on "vacation." They call when they are in need and he is ALWAYS there to help them. I have never once heard him complain about what must be a very difficult job. 

My father always has to be the one who keeps it together. He has given funerals for friends and he keeps it together while still finding the personal resources to comfort others. Could you do that? I am not sure that I could, not for as many years as he has.

While my father is fantastic at his job he is also an amazing father. Growing up he would come home from work, doesn't matter what happened over the course of his day, and would play with my brothers and I. He always makes time for family. He does this now with his granddaughters who absolutely adore him. Early this morning the girls excitedly ran into our room. Elise announced the good news that today is my father's birthday. A true reason to celebrate!

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