Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let Them Be Little

One of the preschool teachers at Elise's school sings this song, Let Them Be Little. Every time she sings it I embarrassingly weep. The whole song is about how important a childhood is, how fleeting a time it is. Ah, I could cry about it now. I mean Cordelia is 6 1/2! Elise will be 4 in a few short months. How has time passed so quickly? 

I had a great childhood. My parents gave me the perfect balance of freedoms and limitations. I do hope that we are doing the same for our girls. 

All of their questions, tears, laughter, play, fears, strengths, curiosities, quirks---they are the makeup of the girls they are now and the women they will become in the future. Eric and I are doing our very best to encourage and support them for the people they are now and for their future life. No pressure!

I want so desperately to remember these moments and the foundation they are giving our girls. Snuggles in the morning, afternoon dance parties, long hours of letting them play and learn---these are our days right now and it is a beautiful time.

 Kind of off subject, but...
One thing they are currently doing is using words incorrectly and I want to share them here: 

What entire nation= what in tarnation

kiweed= kiwi

Avocado= Colorado

Cantaloupe= antelope

1 comment:

Mom said...

I was smiling at the words they are using wrong but then had to admit, what entire nation makes about as much sense as what in tar nation. Doesn't it?

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