Friday, April 1, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 4.1.16

Two things here: 1) If we are home the children are usually only half dressed. This happens because they like to change clothes approximately one zillion times a day, but often become distracted and begin a new activity before the change is complete. 2) They were mid wardrobe change when they decided to watch the cupcakes.

Later, with new clothes, frosting cupcakes.


Easter feast. Feaster?

Bumblebee with my fam!

Easter haul from the grandparents.


A gift from Cordelia

One more time, in their dresses.  I cannot even explain how lovely they felt.

Cordelia, at my parents' house, wearing a horror show of a giraffe mask.

A sketch from one day this week

At the doctor's office. Elise had a viral infection AND and an ear infection. She shared the viral infection with the whole family.

At the doctor's office. We looked up money of the world, types of monkeys, and then took this photo, like you dooooo.

Work in progress, a bit from a larger piece.

Family game night for the unwell. Fevers for all.

She had barfed less than an hour before, but I let her stomp in a few puddles before we headed in to snuggle.

Throwing snowballs at her grandparents' home. It was my idea.

Snuggled up in her grandmother's chair.

In the midst of illness Cordelia had her half birthday. We waited until she felt better. Instead of our traditional half birthday cake she wanted ice cream.

While Elise was not well enough to have a treat she was still happy for her sister. Cordelia told me that she wished for Elise to feel better...and to have unicorn.

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