Friday, April 15, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 4.15.16

Elise with a flower in her hair.

Cordelia and a kindred spirit reading books in the hammock.

Lemon cookies

Sisters chillaxing in the sun while we unloaded our art at the gallery.

Wild girl in the wild

Long hair, don't care.

Elise, who gets all of the credit for recent fashion choices, looking for bugs outside of the gallery.

Cordelia reading a book. I cannot believe that just a half a year ago she could hardly read. It is so gratifying to be her teacher, to watch her grow and learn.

After art class this week Cordelia was playing with her friends and they (the other kids) made a rule that no three year olds were allowed, excluding Elise. Elise ran off crying and Cordelia then refused to be in their club and went off to play with Elise instead of the other kids. A short while later she approached them and explained that she didn't want to belong to a group that excluded others. They changed their rules.

Then, after all that, Elise refused to play. Ha! Still, pretty darn sweet of Cordelia. 

We have started letting our lives spill out into the back yard. Warmer days sandwiched between the cold days, reminding us that northern spring is a mixed bag.


We had a birthday dinner with my parents and brother Sam. The girls were soooo wired!

Birthday boy.

Of course no birthday celebration would be complete without an awkward dessert. For my mother's birthday we ate cake in the center of the mall. For dad's birthday we cake tailgated in the parking lot of the Chinese restaurant. It was windy and we all had chocolate on our hands and faces.

Eric went out of town mid week so the girls and I had a popcorn movie night. We watched The Lorax. 

 Our dogs were really excited when the UPS guy made a delivery.

When we pick up Elise from preschool Cordelia takes her hand and they catch up for a few minutes.

Vegan eats.

Elise's preschool sent home her assessment. Here is a sample of her "writing" in September...totally illegible. 

Look at her writing now, or last month! Amazing!

Cordelia reading for a patient uncle. Reading with young readers is always tedious. There are a lot of tangents and stopping to discuss pictures. Sam took it like a pro.

Elise playing with her toy cheetah. She is really great at independent play, often choosing to do her own thing.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Cordelia stood up for Elise like that, I hope the others have learned a valuable lesson.
My cousin just had a baby girl and her name is Alise, just between you and me, I do like the spelling Elise better.

Susan said...


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