Friday, April 29, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 4.29.16

Ben and Sara were with us part of the past week. The rest of the week we spent catching up on homeschool and avoiding the snow.

While Ben and Sarah were here we drove to the Ucross Foundation to see our exhibit.

The girls posed in front of their portraits.

Outside of the gallery.

After Ucross we drove a little over an hour to visit family. First we grabbed some lunch. Two important things to note: Sara does not have a missing tooth, that is part of Sam's shirt. Second, check out my dad who looks like a creeper.

Sam, Elise and my Grandma Grace.

Cordelia and her great great aunt Michelle!

My brothers and me.

The girls with their great aunt Tina.

Elise and Sara. Elise is craaaazy about Sara.

The day before the snow. Elise watching Eric skate.

Elise and Eric.

Cordelia made this drawing of Eric leaping over us. 
Watching Purple Rain.

Snow fight with their grandpa.


Completed commission.

Flowers and snow.

Me and my girls!

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