Friday, April 8, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 4.8.16

We spent part of the last week house sitting for my parents. We stay there to help their pooch...who is very unique...and does best in his own home. Our girls and dogs are comfortable there so we lived out at my parents' home for a few days. We were there during the plague of illness that washed over our entire family. We spent this week recovering and returned to our own home when my parents returned. Let's begin our review.

Walking behind Eric and Elise. They were just too sweet. Elise had her hands wrapped around him and kept saying sweet things like,"You're the best dad in the whoooole world ." You should also know that she pronounces world as woyld.

The girls and Eric requested sticky buns. They began chanting "sticky buns" so I agreed to make them if only to stop the chanting of sticky buns.

While at my parents' home Cordelia invented games like this one, balancing a ball on a spoon and walking an obstacle course.

The full story behind this photo is that we had been at our own home earlier when Elise barfed. We had thought she was on the mend...then puke. Anyway, we had to get back to my parents' house where we were staying. When we arrived she and Cordelia wanted to play in the snow. I figured a few minutes of play would be fine, plus barf outside is better than inside. They played for about ten minutes before needing to rest.

Cordelia was more cautious about puddle jumping, but eventually got the hang of it. 

While house sitting the girls colored over 70 pictures. They begged me to keep them. If you are a parent you know that keeping every masterpiece your child makes is simply not an option. So we hung over 70 masterpieces around my parents' home. Ha ha, now it is their problem. Just kidding. I reminded the girls that their grandparents would love the art, but couldn't keep it for all time.

Once the snow of last week melted away it became time to get serious about spring!

This girl!

Vegan eats.

My Little Pony board games. 

Seriously, they would play all day if they could.

Homeschool girl. She hated taking a week off for spring break and counted down until we could learn again. I am sure it will always be this way...

Elise and me. I dressed as a business woman, but I worked from home that day. I only went out for Cordelia's class and to buy dog food. 

Sunset last night.

Ophelia. At night she sits on the bath mat and will randomly call out a loud and mournful cat cry. Dementia is a challenge. We love this old lady at every stage of her life.


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