Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sigh of Relief

Yesterday we took two vehicles and loaded them up with a lot of art, many large pieces. We caravaned our way to the Ucross Foundation located about 15 minutes from Buffalo. The girls and I were in one car and Eric rode solo in another. 

When we arrived we were once again stuck by the beauty of Ucross, truly a special place. The grass was greening, trees were just coming to life and there were beautiful wild birds everywhere. The girls were more than a little enthusiastic.

We hopped out of our cars and unloaded all of the work. A strange feeling as the art for this show is the most personal work I have ever created. Strange to leave it, but also a huge relief.

The staff at the foundation has just been so stellar. The project has simply been a great professional experience. Eric and I are excited to have interviews, a class, and a reception for the event. For this week though, I happy happy to get caught up in other areas.

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