Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Name I Share

It is two in the morning and I am in a deep sleep. Well, deep for me---I am a freakishly light sleeper. The house is quiet except for the snoring hounds and the heater. Then there is the sound that can rouse me from the deepest slumber, the one word that could probably call to me from parallel universes. This one word is kind of like my name, but it is so much more than that as it is a name I share with many, a name that transcends cultures and time. A name that means I will do anything to protect those who call me 

She calls to me,"Moooooom!" I stumble in the dark and find her in bed.

"Is it morning yet? I'm bored with sleeping."

She is loud enough that she wakes her sister,"Mom?"

"Yes, I am here." I am always there. I will always be there. Even when I am not.

They both settle in and return to sleep.

Sometimes it surprises me still. I am a mother! I have children.

I am a mom.


Mom said...

I love this. I love being a mom and I love that you are a mom.

Anonymous said...

Bored with sleeping, now that is precious!

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