Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I feel lately as though my days are done before they have started. I am busy from morning until night. Trying to live the life you dream for yourself and your family can be exhausting sometimes. Ha! 

Sketching while Cordelia works independently.

Today is
-Teaching two classes online. Grading 30 papers today.
-Ballet lessons
-Yard work
-Finishing a portrait
- Submitting lesson plans to a museum and a gallery for different projects.
- Cleaning the guest room for company
-Dog walking
-Animal poop pick up. A simple task when I do it daily. If not...well, that is just nasty.
- Hair dyeing
-And the worst chore in the world...putting away the laundry! Does this make anyone else feel like they are just slowly marching to the grave? I know, first world problem for sure. I tell myself that each time I spend an hour putting away clothes, but I can never quite shake the frustration of laundry.

Anyway, a busy but quiet day here in Wyoming. What are you up to?

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Anonymous said...

Bough a new SUV and had to
1) see the vehicle, drive test it.
2) give deposit, sign some papers
3) have insurance lady give us new policy (took 3 hours to do) why? Because seller mixed up 2 numbers on VIN number of vehicle! Had to go back to seller's house to check out VIN number from the windshield, go back to insurance lady
4) go back to the bank, wait for seller to get home from work, give rest of money, got keys and rest of paperwork
5) go to licence bureau (now we have only half hour before it closes, and we are 20 minutes away) get plates etc...
6) go back to seller, and bring vehicle home

Sigh, so glad I don't work in the day!

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