Saturday, May 28, 2016

Confessions: Snack Attack

Once I made a snack of ground up crackers and mustard. #noregrets

Once I made a snack of shredded cheese (pre veganism) and pickle juice.

My go to highschool snack was mini pizza with m&ms and ranch dressing. Yes, I do want to veganize this unhealthy concoction.

I loooove to eat cold spaghetti, pre mixed with sauce, in front of the fridge.

Eric and I sometimes make pizzarritos when we are feeling snacky. Tortilla, Daiya cheese, leftover spaghetti sauce, olives and whatever toppings you have. Wrap. Heat. Eat.

Sometimes my mom surprises us with a case of the only vegan ramen we can eat. A very guilty pleasure.

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