Monday, May 23, 2016


I'm baaaaaack from an insane weekend in Denver. Let me give you the rundown.

My friend Toni and I have not seen each other for 17 years, almost to the day. We last saw each other in May 1999 at highschool graduation. We both moved and lost touch. Last year or so we found each other online and picked up right where we left off, without missing a beat. Honestly it is crazy how similar we are: vegan artist nature lovers! 

We decided to meet up and make a little mini-vacation out of our get together. We named our adventure Denveganfriendunion. So Friday morning I left my family for my first ever solo weekend. I drove down to Denver and met Toni at the airport. 

In case you were wondering if it was weird to meet up with a friend after nearly 20 years I can tell you, at least in this instance, it was not weird at all! We just kinda did a quick catch up and then picked up where we left off. Conversation flowed and was very natural. It was easy and lovely.

We did something new and rented an Airbnb apartment. Neither of us had done such a thing before, but we were game. We checked in with a free spirited 20 something and our place was nice and clean and comfortable. 

We got settled and then we headed to our massage appointment. Toni treated me to my first EVER massage. It was luxe! Seriously I felt so awkward at first, but then I told myself to just enjoy and I settled in for an amazing time!

So look, I know this is a blurry photo in weird light, but it is hilarious! This was me after my first ever massage. This was the business, let me tell you! It was a luxury experience like no other. It was more than a simple massage...there was a spa and steam room and relaxation chamber and insane showers and champagne and plush robes. I have never ever ever done such a thing and it was beyond

After our experience at the spa...and we took our sweet time...we were starving. We went to Watercourse and ate a fantastic dinner. We had marinated tofu lettuce wraps with a delicious dipping sauce. For dinner I had a curry plate that was the bees knees and Toni enjoyed a macro plate. 

We returned to our Airbnb and talked until it was time to sleep. We were both totally exhausted!

The next morning I had planned to sleep in, but it was not in the cards for me. Insomnia came on vacation and I was up before six. I quietly made some coffee and enjoyed some solo time sketching in the morning light.

When we were ready to head out we grabbed brunch at Beet Box Bakery and Cafe.

We ate gluten free vegan donuts. I know that you are probably thinking that they tasted like sawdust and cardboard, but you would be so very wrong!

The donuts were so so delicious. My one regret is not going back for a box to take home with me.

Seriously. They were so good that we had to have our photos taken with them. Trust me it was totally natural, and not awkward at all, to stand at the wall looking cute with donuts while a stranger took our photos.

After brunch we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens and wandered around for the rest of the day.

It was so magical and beautiful there and we are both nature lovers so we simply enjoyed. It was such a lovely break from the intensity of the city.

We stopped a few times to sketch.

It was so delightful!

When we were done at the gardens it was time to grab some dinner. We headed downtown and found our way to City O City.

We enjoyed each other's conversation and some delicious food.

I mean look at these Korean tacos! Ahh! Get in my belly!

We hit up a cute hip store downtown where I purchased a giant air plant and some geodes for the girls.

We had planned to hit up the museum after dinner, but ended up cruising around and having some tea and conversation before bed.

The next morning we cleared out of our place, grabbed some grub at Watercourse and it was time to take Toni to the airport.

I had such a lovely weekend. I returned home to my family, whom I missed a great deal. I am so thankful for a great friend and a beautiful weekend!

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Pam Brewer said...

So happy for you. Sounds like you filled your cup. Can't pour out of an empty one, ya know.

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