Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Music for People Big and Small

My dear friend Andy Mason, whom I have mentioned here more times than I can count, has recently released an album! Music for People Big and Small is his newest release and it perfectly captures Andy as a musician. He has long split his work between adult music and music for kids. He excels in both arenas so it only makes sense that he should marry the two for his many fans who are both big and small. 

We have been blasting his music in the car and our whole family knows and loves his music. Eric and I have had front row seats to his career for the past 16+ years and it has been such a gift to watch his music and career grow. He has always had a raw talent that is truly astounding. I mean his voice...it is just amazing. Honestly I don't really know how to describe it---soft, strong, smooth, kind (yes a voice can sound kind), beautiful. On top of his golden pipes he is an amazing song writer, guitarist and performer. 

This album showcases his abilities with amazing production value and the accompaniment of many talented musicians, including his oldest daughter (he and wife Anne recently welcomed their newest family member, Juniper) Kew who wrote a tearjerker of a song for Lennon, Andy and Anne's 11/2 year old son.

I urge you to check out Andy and his music! Seriously, just do yourself a favor and give it a listen.


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andy said...

Wow!....thank you Maria!

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