Friday, May 13, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 5.13.16

What year is it? Trying to write out the date I first wrote 2014 and then 3024...who am I? What's happening?
Whatever...let's just review the evidence from the past week. Here is a sampling of photos from my phone, as usual the quality varies from fine to pretty bad. Enjoy!!!

Last week at Cordelia's ballet recital. Well, don't tell her this, but it was not only her recital, there were other dancers too.

On Saturday we went to Buffalo and rented a room at the legendary Occidental Hotel. Apparently some famous people have stayed there and it is said to be haunted, naturally. The only spooky business was the unnaturally loud heaters (yes we still have heaters on in Wyoming). 

I took a lot of photos of our old timey hotel room and when I went through photos later I wasn't really sure why I took these. So you get to see them. 

Anyway, we rented our room and promptly headed out to The Ucross Foundation for the gallery event. Here is Eric wearing his magical leisure suit. I say it was magical because it looks black indoors, but outside it is a very lively green. Magic.

Here we are.

Eric playing pool. We went to a horrible bar that had a pool table. We played the juke box and had a lovely time with friends.

Our evening ended back at The Occidental. It was fantastic.

The next day was Mother's Day. We were up early, grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. Our girls were having a lovely time with my mother, but we were eager to see them!

We beat the ladies home from church and then Eric stood at the door waiting for our girls. 

One of the garden beds is in action! Wahoo! One more to go in the next few days!!!

Rocking along through first grade.

Just my dad hanging Elise upside down. No biggie.

This fashionista. The necklace is actually a yeti call.



Elise in nature.

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Mom said...

Great photos again! I love that Elise was still wearing her backpack while being held upside down.

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